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2022 Global Digital Trust Insights (Malaysia report)

Mounting cybersecurity threats and attacks by increasingly sophisticated perpetrators over the past two years are prompting organisations to take a hard look at the cyber readiness of their business.


The 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights (Malaysia report) reveals some important learnings from a survey among 3,602 global business, technology and security executives including respondents from Malaysia and Asia Pacific.


It presents insights into the level of cyber planning, adoption, and simplification required, as well as the current challenges and supply chain risks faced by Malaysian organisations.


Is your cybersecurity budget still relevant? Can the CEO make a difference to your organisation’s cybersecurity? Are you securing against the most important risks today and tomorrow?


These are some of the tough questions explored in the report for C-suites to ponder on as they step up their cyber readiness in these extraordinary times.



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