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Asia Digital Bank Collaborates with Malaysia Comicker Union Launches the World’s First Set of 60-Year Cycle (Jia Zi) Fortune Chinese Zodiac NFT

(KUALA LUMPUR – January 25, 2022) Asia Digital Bank Ltd. (Labuan Investment Bank) (LL 16434) (licensed Labuan investment bank) (AsiaDB) recently collaborated with talented Malaysian cartoonists to create the first set of 60-year cycle (Jia Zi) Fortune Chinese Zodiac NFT digital art in the world, accelerating the development of NFT in Malaysia. 

Asia Digital Bank’s Chairman Liu Xuming mentioned that the Chinese zodiac NFT introduced by AsiaDB, titled “60-year cycle (Jia Zi) Fortune Chinese Zodiac NFT”, was jointly designed by 11 cartoonists from Malaysia Comicker Union. It is the world’s first and unique collection that is highly valuable. 

“AsiaDB understands that Malaysian artists are very keen on entering the NFT market. Hence, we hope that the collaboration with the Malaysia Comicker Union can boost the development of NFT in the country as well as help Malaysian artists go global quicker and easier in the digital era,” stated Mr. Liu.  

The 60-year Cycle (Jia Zi) Fortune Chinese Zodiac NFT is formed based on the 12 Chinese zodiacs, starting from the year 2022 and up until 2081. The 11 cartoonists designed the creative NFT according to the 5 elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth) of each Chinese zodiac. In accordance with the upcoming Year of the Tiger, AsiaDB will first showcase the tiger zodiac NFT, which includes the 2022 Water Tiger, 2034 Wood Tiger, 2046 Fire Tiger, 2058 Earth Tiger and 2070 Gold Tiger. 

Mr. Liu mentioned that AsiaDB will reveal the remaining 11 Chinese Zodiac NFT accordingly in the following months. These Chinese Zodiac NFT will be rewarded to Gold Members through monthly lucky draws, followed by the launching of the A-Bank super wallet for listing, trading, and circulation.   

The president of the Malaysia Comicker Union, Mr. Lau Shaw Ming, was very delighted to have this collaboration with AsiaDB on developing the NFT together.

“Being a part of the Malaysia Comicker Union, I am very excited to be able to contribute to this “60-year Cycle (Jia Zi) Fortune Chinese Zodiac NFT” project. This project has brought together several designers from the comic and design industry to create 12 unique creations based on the “Chinese Zodiac” theme. Although it took a lot of time and effort on the concept design and the modelling of the characters, the outcome was very satisfactory. I am also very grateful to Asia Digital Bank for this invitation and cooperation opportunity. I hope that it can bring a meaningful impact to the NFT creation community in Malaysia and bring more comprehensive development to the creators,” expressed Mr. Lau. 

The 11 cartoonists (pseudonym) from the Malaysia Comicker Union who were in charge of designing each Chinese zodiac NFT are Black Jelly Fish (Tiger), Dreamers (Rooster), Gloom Drone (Monkey), Joon Ong (Goat), LOK (Snake), Max Iadoptedacat (Ox), Pee Yong (Dog), Redcode (Dragon), Takasi (Rat), WMM (Rabbit), and JiaYi (Pig and Horse).

The Malaysia Comicker Union was officially formed in 2016, being the only comics practitioners’ group in Malaysia that gathers 90 Chinese cartoonists. In mid-2016, the Malaysian Comicker Union promotional platform was established, committed to promoting Malaysia’s original comics, and at the same time actively promotes the comic industry locally and abroad.

The association, together with PEKOMIK and SAYS YOUTH SOCIETY, successfully applied to join the International Cartoonists Conference (ICC) as a member in 2018, and served as the chairman of the first ICC in Malaysia.

If you are interested to collect the highly artistic and valuable 60-year cycle (Jia Zi) Fortune Chinese Zodiac NFT, you may visit, or contact 017-6926126, to learn more about APIB Gold Membership.

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