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Asia Digital Bank held System Technical Seminar in Nanjing

On the afternoon of August 4th, Asian Digital Bank and representatives from well-known institutions and enterprises in the financial technology industry such as Nanjing Digital Financial Industry Research Institute, Pay Egis, Rongzer Technology, Maxchain Technology, etc. had a technical seminar to discuss the digital asset transaction platform.

At the seminar, Asia Digital Bank first gave a presentation on the R&D overview and business process of the system. Subsequently, representatives from financial technology institutions and enterprises who are participating in the conference evaluated the security of data in the digital asset transaction process, the legality of the process, the innovation of technical architecture, and the operability of the system. Suggestions and opinions were put forward for the later upgrade.

After the seminar, the Asia Digital Bank technology and business team made an internal summary and formulated a detailed plan and deployment on how to improve and upgrade the system in the next step, and how to interact with business requirements and technical support. At the same time, Asia Digital Bank will also maintain close communication with participating financial technology companies, explore possible areas of cooperation, and build a more stable and reliable digital asset trading platform.

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