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Asia Digital Bank held the “Looking Back” Seminar on the first phase of Ocliven Platform’s Technical Construction

On the afternoon of September 3, led by the Asia Digital Bank’s technical team, with the participation of business and administration departments, the experience summary meeting on the first phase of the Ocliven platform’s technical construction was held.

First of all, this seminar reviewed the overall timeline of the first phase of the technology development process, completed functional modules, platform testing and trial operation. Then, it summarized some problems, experiences and lessons discovered during the first phase of the system development iteration, and proposed possible solutions to the remaining problems. Finally, AsiaDB made plans and prospects for the optimization of the second phase of the technology development of the Ocliven platform, will mainly improve from four aspects including the beautification of the platform interface, the confirmation of distributed digital identities, the transformation of asset management and securities operation system modules, and the development of financial system modules. 

Looking back to the past, sum up experience and lessons in time; looking to the future, anchor the direction of upgrading and optimization. Asia Digital Bank believes that through the summary of the experience of this “Looking Back” seminar and the technological development and upgrading in the next period of time, the Ocliven digital asset transaction management platform, which will be officially launched, will be able to provide enterprise-level customers with a secure and regulated digital financial services on the entire chain and to improve the quality and efficiency.

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