Asia Digital Bank Ltd.’s A-Bank Mobile App Logo Design Competition.

Asia Digital Bank Ltd.’s A-Bank Mobile App Logo Design Competition.

Asia Digital Bank Ltd.’s A-Bank Mobile App Logo Design Competition.

 Award up to RM3,000.

KUALA LUMPUR – Asia Digital Bank Ltd. (Labuan Investment Bank) (Registration No. LL16434) (licensed Labuan Investment Bank) (AsiaDB) announced a logo design contest with the purpose of finding a creative logo to represent the company’s upcoming new product called “The A-Bank Mobile App”. The winner of the chosen logo will win a cash prize of RM3000.

“We are looking for an elegant and distinctive logo that befits our future exclusive A-Bank Mobile App. I am confident there are many talented designers and I hope that they will take an interest in the contest and design the perfect logo for the mobile app. This is a great opportunity for them to display their creativity, and for us to work together to present a great image for the mobile app to the public,” expressed Liu Xuming, Chairman of AsiaDB.

The A-Bank Mobile App is a highly innovative and breakthrough product by AsiaDB. The app’s main feature is to act as a platform for clients to conduct smooth international cross-border digital asset trading and transactions with peace of mind. It digitalizes assets and utilizes blockchain technology that eliminates the limitations of traditional assets trading, hence allowing a seamless trading experience at the tip of users’ fingers. The product is an important stepping stone in assisting AsiaDB to achieve their objective of constructing comprehensive global digital trade infrastructures.

The contest is organized by AsiaDB, a licensed Labuan investment bank incorporated in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia, that strives to spearhead the creation of a brand new, digital self-financing ecosystem. As a licensed digital finance institution, their aim is to set up the foundation for global blockchain-empowered digital finance development and provide digital asset management and trading transactions that are lawful, secure, convenient and cost-effective.

The winning logo may be used to represent the A-Bank Mobile App and may also be displayed on various AsiaDB’s social media platforms, websites, posters, business cards, letterhead, etc. The contest is free and open to both local and international participants aged 18 years old and above. It starts on the 11th of October 2021, and the deadline for entry is on the 9th of November 2021. The logo design must adhere to the established criteria and terms in order to be eligible for the contest. For more information about the design criteria, terms and contact information on the contest, please visit