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Asia Digital Bank steadily preparing for the Construction of Digital Asset Operation and Management System and go-live work

Since the beginning of this month, Asia Digital Bank (AsiaDB) and Nanjing Digital Financial Industry Research Institute have held a number of online and offline special technical workshops to address the construction of digital asset operation and management system jointly built by both parties. Detailed deployments were made for the construction and go-live work.

During the meeting, the technical team mainly conducted in-depth discussions around the system structure, overall process, data model, accounting rules, on-line schedule and other aspects, and at the same time carefully listened to the experts and business team’s suggestions. During the system development period, Asia Digital Bank (AsiaDB) has always adhered to the “two-wheel drive” strategy of integrating IT and business teams, returning to business, focusing on customer needs, achieving architectural traction through technologies including blockchain, big data, cloud platforms and so on; creating value for customers/users based on a unified digital asset operation and management platform, and the real-time perception. Under this architecture: IT staff and business staff can not only achieve the integration of teams, but also the integration of data.

As a licensed financial institution for digital banking, the digital asset operation and management system set up by Asia Digital Bank strives to cover multiple business areas, including digital asset issuance, management, capital settlement, and transaction centre and so on. In the meanwhile, this system will become one of the important achievements of the “Belt and Road” Digital Finance Industry Innovation Center. The Innovation Center was jointly established by Asia Pacific Investment Bank which is the controlling shareholder of Asia Digital Bank, in cooperation with Nanjing Local Financial Supervision Administration and Nanjing Institute of Digital Financial Industry, started its operations from October 11th, 2019. Asia Digital Bank will use this innovation center as the strategic planning and product R&D base, take the heavy responsibility of the project landing related to digital finance and actively carry out pilots in overseas to meet the demand of the “Belt and Road” and global enterprise-level customers for modernized, modernized and diversified financial services during the digital transformation process.

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