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Asia Digital Bank successfully completed the actual trial run before the official launch of the Ocliven digital asset trading system

From August 12th to August 17th, with the close cooperation of the Asia Digital Bank technical team and business team, the actual trial run before the official launch of the Ocliven digital asset trading system was successfully completed.

The first phase of the system’s development project is “Cross-border investment and financing + digital asset management”, which focuses on the “digitalization”, “tokenization”, “asset certification” and “digital asset management” of Asia Digital Bank for domestic enterprises and assets ”business process and related compliance risk control process.

This test revolves around “asset confirmation and authentication”, “asset digitization filing and registration”, “overseas income rights listing”, “cross-border investment and financing management”, “overseas customer encryption wallet opening”, “digital asset transaction subscription” and various sectors including the implementation of cross-border investment and financing have been launched, and various risk control and system security issues of the first phase of the development project have been tested simultaneously.

The entire testing process was orderly and was finally successfully completed with the cooperation of relevant cooperative units and multiple departments within the bank, which has a milestone demonstration effect. According to the business plan of the Asia Digital Bank, the next step will focus on improving the risk control, compliance operation and ecological security modules of the entire system. At the same time, more digital financial elements will be integrated into the subsequent iterative update research and development of the system to ensure the greatest degree of the safe operation of various financial services and asset projects after they are officially launched.

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