Asia Digital Bank Supports Web3 Frontier Innovation, Expands Innovative Financial Services Platform

Asia Digital Bank Supports Web3 Frontier Innovation, Expands Innovative Financial Services Platform

In conjunction with one of the largest Web3 events ever held in Hong Kong, Asia Digital Bank Ltd. (Labuan Investment Bank) (Registration No. LL16434) (licensed Labuan investment bank) (AsiaDB) officially announced AsiaDB Stablecoin (ACNH) and other decentralised cross-chain trading of digital assets at “Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023” on 14 April. AsiaDB discussed and shared Web3 technology and development directions with forefront of Web3 innovators from around the world.

The event was held at 5/F, Unity Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong, it was specially supported by AsiaDB, exclusively sponsored by Tencent Cloud, and co-organised by PermaDAO, MoleDAO, BuidlerDAO and various DAO organisations. The event attracted hundreds of participants from Mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as overseas Web3 operators, reflecting the huge interest in the development of the Web3 era. The event focused on innovative collaboration models of DAO, security practices of DAO, the Web3 journey of AsiaDB and its compliance-first, innovation-driven development paths, and other topics to build a platform for exchange and progress on the forefront of global Web3 development.

Mr. Liu Xuming, Chairman of AsiaDB, led Jimmy Wang, Deputy General Manager of Digital Finance Innovation Department and Mr. Hu Xiaosong, Vice President of Digital Ecosystem ICBU, to Hong Kong to attend the event. They shared the new trends of AsiaDB’s innovative financial services platform——A-Bank, and the cross-chain trading of ACNH, as well as emphasized that AsiaDB always adheres to the development policy of innovation-driven and compliance-first in digital asset service transactions.

Mr Liu Xuming said, “While accelerating the development of the Web3 financial ecosystem, AsiaDB continues to adhere to its operational policy of legal and compliance to achieve the advantages of transparency, efficiency and security, creating a full-service on-chain and off-chain platform. We are open-minded and hope to work with DAO organisations to discuss and drive the future development of Web3 and contribute to the development of the digital economy.”

A-Bank, AsiaDB’s innovative digital financial platform which currently serves the cross-border settlement needs of cross-border e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises, financial technology companies and overseas workers, providing multi-currencies digital asset settlement, digital asset trading, digital asset custody and other innovative financial services which is safe, convenient and low-cost. The platform supports the exchange, top-up and withdrawal of 17 fiat currencies and 3 stablecoins, and has successfully opened up the compliance access to Web2 and Web3 for customers.

AsiaDB has always been practical on the path of innovation and technological change to build a compliant and secure technological financial infrastructure to provide innovative digital financial services to enterprises and individuals around the world. AsiaDB participated in this event to engage in meaningful exchanges and discussions on the development of the digital economy and Web3. Through exploring forward-looking and practical paths for future development, AsiaDB aims to promote innovation and development in a prudent manner.

If you are interested in downloading the A-Bank Super Wallet and opening an account, you can visit the A-Bank website at / or email to .