Asia Digital Coin

With tech-driven inclusive finance, we utilize digital assets at our core to provide smart financial services.

Asia Digital Coin (ADC)

Asia Digital Coin is a fully regulated and compliant stablecoin that is blockchain-based and linked to the fiat currency CNH. Every time a batch of Asia Digital Coin is issued on the Asia Digital Chain, the same amount of offshore RMB assets will be locked in the reserve fund custody account of Asia Digital Coin.

As a reliable storage of value, Asia Digital Coin can be widely used in different scenarios such as exchange, trade payment, money transfer, investment and wealth management, DeFi, etc. Developers/institutions can also connect to the Open API of Asia Digital Bank and use the Asia Digital Chain smart contracts to closely integrate the Asia Digital Coin with their own business scenarios in order to provide fast, safe, convenient and diversified digital financial services for ecosystem partners/customers/employees.

As a fully transparent company, we will publish records of current total assets and reserves on a quarterly basis, while audit institutions publish audit reports of our assets and reserves on an annual basis, and financial regulatory authorities will also regularly conduct comprehensive audit of the Asia Digital Coin system to ensure its compliance and asset security.

ADC Stablecoin

Stablecoin is a kind of digital currency running on the blockchain and anchored with specific fiat currency through various mechanism designs.

Having different underlying assets and mechanism designs, stablecoins can generally be classified into different types such as fiat currency mortgage, cryptocurrency mortgage, and algorithm-based.

Among them, fiat-collateralized stablecoins have become the current mainstream stablecoins due to their stable and reliable underlying assets, simple mechanisms and easy supervisions.

RMB as Settlement Rate

The ASEAN region has become China’s largest trading partner, and the usage of RMB in bilateral trade settlements is proportionally increasing. The issuance and widespread use of ADC will provide trade parties with a real-time payment clearance method denominated in RMB, which will greatly improve payment efficiency and transparency.

ADC will also provide a medium for Asia Digital Bank’s customers / ecosystem partners to invest in high-quality assets in China, ASEAN and even countries along the Belt and Road Initiatives, allowing them to enjoy fruitful dividends resulting from the rapid economic development of fellow countries and regions.

Obtain Asia Digital Coin (ADC)


AsiaDB's registered corporate/individual customers have the option to deposit offshore Ren Min Bi (CNH) through the A-Bank Super Wallet App to perform on-chain ADC minting, as well as through intra-bank remittance and trade payments; For ADC minting using other currencies, automatic conversion to CNH would be performed in advance. To sign up for the A-Bank Super Wallet, please refer to

Wire Transfer

AsiaDB's registered corporate/individual customers can also choose to wire transfer CNH directly to the asset manager's dedicated ADC custodial account at the custodian bank. The minting of ADC will be completed within 1 working day after the remittance clearance.


For individual and institutional developers or businesses wishing to access AsiaDB Open API for account system integration, ADC minting, application/wallet integration, etc., please contact or +6017-6926126

Asia Digital Coin (ADC) Use Cases

Use ADC to pay A-Bank VIP/SVIP membership fees, and pay A-Bank's various business fees

Enter the public chain decentralized exchange DEX across the chain and participate in DeFi

Flexibility to exchange with 17 mainstream fiat currencies, digital stablecoin USDC/USDT, and mainstream cryptocurrencies BTC/ETH through AsiaDB foreign exchange channel

Use ADC to perform money transfer or trade payment in A-Bank. When the money transfer or trade payment is intra-bank, use ADC to pay directly; When the money transfer or trade payment is inter-bank, it will be automatically converted to CNH payment

Use ADC to invest in ADC money market funds to obtain stable returns; Or use ADC to invest in other stablecoin wealth management products, such as the Asia Digital Bank digital notes discounting pool, and the Asia Digital Bank STO discounting pool

After completing the development of the accounts in the ecosystem through API, use ADC for procurement (supplier payment), collection, employee salary and welfare payment, points distribution and withdrawal, etc


Quarterly Report

1. Real-time total issuance

2. Circulation distribution (total amount on each chain)

3. Total assets

4. Asset breakdown

5. Audit timeline/ auditor/ signature

Annual Report

1. Audit time/auditor/signature

2. Total issuance

3. Total amount of assets or the conclusion of whether the total amount of assets is greater than or equal to the total issuance


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