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AsiaDB conducts an expert workshop on the online testing and launching of Ocliven digital asset operation platform in Shanghai, China


Since the Asian Digital Bank (AsiaDB) obtained a digital banking license issued by the Labuan Financial Supervisory Authority of Malaysia in November last year, it has actively cooperated with many well-known technology partners around the world to steadily push forward the construction of Ocliven digital asset operation platform. On June 25th and July 7th, two internal system tests based on business processes were conducted. Today (July 8th), Asia Digital Bank invited a number of well-known experts in the field of digital finance industry from the Nanjing Digital Financial Industry Research Institute, Ripple, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and other agencies to have a symposium on the challenges of the Ocliven digital asset operation platform before official launching in Shanghai, China.

At the workshop, the expert team first listened to the detailed report and presentation on the current progress of the Ocliven digital asset operation platform and the preliminary internal simulation test by the business team and platform system development team of Asia Digital Bank. Secondly, Asia Digital Bank demonstrated the overall operation process of digital asset transactions on the Ocliven platform to the participating experts. Finally, the experts gave a certain degree of affirmation of the progress made in the preparatory work of the Ocliven platform online test, and give comments and suggestions from the initial business scenarios, digital asset management operation process, selection of target customer, risk control model design perspectives.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the asset management industries of various countries are facing challenges such as financial disintermediation, asset bubbles, and normalization of fluctuations. Relying on the Ocliven digital asset operation platform developed by digital financial technology, by effectively attracting and matching different types of asset owners and capital owners, it improves the traceability of the underlying assets and the transparency of asset management and empowers on- and off-site capital markets. Finally, lead the digital transformation of the asset management industry. Ocliven digital assets will be officially launched in the near future, and the first real business transaction will be completed. After the platform goes online, it will benefit a large number of enterprise customers with cross-border financing and asset management needs, promote the formation of a new dual-cycle development pattern of “capital + resources” mutual promotion at home and abroad, and contribute to the intelligent management and coordinated allocation of global assets in the later stage during post COVID-19 period.

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