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Bank Negara issues policy document on e-KYC

KUALA LUMPUR — Bank Negara has issued a policy document on Electronic Know-Your-Customer (e-KYC), a digital on-boarding policy to enable account opening anytime or anywhere.

The policy document is aimed to accelerate and streamline practices of industry players in their adoption of e-KYC technology, the online process of identifying and verifying individual customers.

“The adoption of e-KYC technology by the industry is in line with the bank’s efforts to facilitate greater digital offerings of financial services.

“This is expected to pave the way for greater innovation in the financial sector, including end-to-end offering of digital financial services for customers,” BNM said in a statement today.

The central bank said with the implementation of e-KYC, a majority of customers would no longer need to visit the physical premises of a financial service provider to open an account.

“In addition to the increased customer convenience, the digital on-boarding of customers enabled by e-KYC also lowers the cost for both users and providers,” it said.

BNM said this could also help to increase competition in the financial sector over the long term.

“The policy document seeks to promote the safe and secure application of e-KYC technology in the financial sector by clarifying desirable outcomes in the use of e-KYC and sets out best practices, as well as parameters to ensure security and integrity of the on-boarding process for customers.

“It forms part of a series of measures adopted by the bank in ensuring that regulatory equirements support the country’s agenda on digital economy,” it added.


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