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Hai-O Group Visits Asia Pacific Wenjing Financial Group – Plans Collaboration to Promote First Chinese Tea Digital Ecosystem in Malaysia

On May 24, Chairman of Hai-O, Mr. Tan Keng Kang, together with the company’s management visited Asia Pacific Wenjing Financial Group’s office located in Kuala Lumpur. They were welcomed by the Group’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Xuming Liu; Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Haolong Li; and several other members of the Group.

Mr. Xuming Liu extended a warm welcome to Mr. Tan Keng Kang and his team, and during the exchange said: “Asia Pacific Wenjing Financial Group was established in Malaysia by the Nanjing Zijin Investment Group and is an enterprise that develops international financial services for countries in the “Belt and Road” Initiative. It is a Group that originates from China, is established in Malaysia and with a global outlook. Asia Pacific Wenjing Financial Group has always upheld the position of developing good cooperation with Malaysian business leaders. The support shown by overseas Chinese business enterprises is the encouragement for China’s local Chinese enterprises’ determination to expand abroad.”

Asia Pacific Investment Bank and Asia Digital Bank, which are both founded by Asia Pacific Wenjing Financial Group in Malaysia’s Labuan International Business and Financial Centre, are currently vigorously promoting the innovative development of the digital financial industry. Mr. Tan Keng Kang is extremely interested in the cross-border settlement function for international trade and asset digitization services provided by the A-Bank digital financial platform that was recently launched by Asia Digital Bank, thus proposing the idea of digitizing Chinese tea.

“Chinese tea, especially Pu’er, is the main business segment of Hai-O. We established the Pu’er Tea Storage in Malaysia many years ago. Whether it is in Malaysia or China, the Pu’er Tea Storage is famous, with countless fans and millions of collectors, hence forming a huge ecological foundation. If Chinese tea is digitized, its potential will be limitless. Hai-O has always been looking for a digital partner with a statutory security status and equipped with mature technology, whereby Asia Digital Bank fits all these criteria. If we can collaborate to implement the digitization of Chinese tea, such as issuing Pu’er NFTs, I believe that it will bring about more valuable potential to the market,” added Mr. Tan Keng Kang.

Mr. Tan Keng Kang is also the secretary-general of the Malaysian Tan Kah Kee Foundation Center, the secretary-general of the Malaysia-China Friendship Association, and also the chairman of the Pu-Er Tea Trade Association of Malaysia. His late father, Mr. Tan Khai Hee, who was a Leader of the Malaysian Chinese Community, founded Hai-O. Hai-O is an established company that distributes and sells traditional Chinese products in Malaysia, such as Chinese medicine, medicinal wine, Chinese tea etc. It was first listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1996 and became the first listed Chinese traditional health care products enterprise. It currently has 54 Hai-O chain stores and franchises across the country with 200,000 direct sales and retail members.

As of March 2022, Asia Digital Bank has successfully launched the first-ever digital financial platform, A-Bank, that offers 10 core innovative digital financial services for individuals or businesses, which include the A-Bank Super Wallet, stablecoin issuance, cross-border settlement, digital asset operation, digital asset investment management, digital vault, digital asset custody, decentralized digital asset exchange (AAM-DEX), issuance and circulation of NFT for individuals and enterprises, and security tokens issuance (STO).

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