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AsiaDB will Support Asia-Pacific Region’s Inclusive Digital Economy Transform

Recently, the 76th meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) was held in Bangkok. At the meeting, focusing on digital technology and innovation, UNESCAP reviewed the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific. In the context of taking action to implement the Sustainable Development, digital technology and innovation are particularly important as a critical driving force for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and this importance is particularly prominent in the Asia-Pacific region.

The continuous innovation and progress of digital technology have provided huge opportunities for the transformation of the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region. For example, financial technology has provided new solutions for financial inclusion; e-commerce has provided opportunities for broader participation of small and medium-sized enterprises; Blockchain technology reduces the cost of cross-border trade and improves efficiency.

However, more and more people realize that the digital gap is widening, how-to guide the evolving digital economy into an inclusive process, and at the same time guide digital technology to the same goal, so that everyone can enjoy the economic opportunities and economic benefits that brought by the digital economy have become challenges for policymakers and economic participants.

Asia Digital Bank is actively establishing a blockchain-based efficient, compliant and intelligent digital financial system, through digital currency issuance, digital asset clearing and settlement, digital securities and other tokenized financial services to help Asia-Pacific inclusive digital economy transformation, to provide true, indiscriminate, and inclusive financial services for users both from “super digital countries” or “under-connected countries”, and to promote the world fairness, justice and harmony.

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