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The epidemic urges Southeast Asian banks to accelerate technological and digital transformation,AsiaDB goes one step ahead

Affected by the epidemic, the recruitment of the global banking industry once fell into a cold winter. However, recently, many Southeast Asian banks are accelerating recruitment for their technical departments. It can be seen that the technological and digital transformation of financial institutions in the later stage of the epidemic has become a general trend, and it is even more urgent to seek financial technology-related professional support.

For example, DBS Bank, the largest commercial bank in Singapore, was opened to 360 technical jobs for data scientists and financial technology engineers last month. OCBC Bank also said that it will provide most of the 3,000 new positions in Singapore this year to big data analysts, financial technology engineers, and digital system development engineers. The outbreak of the epidemic not only provided a broad development space and competitive arena for talents in the financial technology field, but also made the banking industry aware of the importance of smart payments and digital finance supported by technology.

As a bank also from Southeast Asia, the Asia Digital Bank, headquartered in Labuan International Business and Financial Center, Malaysia, is one step ahead than others. It started the layout of the digital finance field as early as last year and won the digital banking license in November last year. Since this spring, Asia Digital Bank, a subsidiary of Asia Pacific Investment Bank, has actively cooperated with many well-known technology partners from all over the world to start the construction of digital asset operation platform system. The system has completed the basic construction a few days ago. On the 25th of June, it conducted the first internal system test exercise based on business processes and will be officially launched for enterprise-level customers in the near future.

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