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The pain points of traditional banks can easily solved by ADC

Traditional banks have complicated procedures, long cycle and high costs for cross-border payment services? Unable to provide one-stop settlement services? Foreign exchange losses? Remittance transactions that do not accept digital currency?


Now there is a solution that can free you from the above concerns, are you interested? Asia Digital Coin (ADC) issued by Asia Digital Bank can easily solve it:
1️⃣ Convenient and fast: Using ADC for settlement and transfer can be achieved in seconds
2️⃣ Reduce exchange rate losses: Real-time offshore exchange rate query, ADC can be used with a variety of fiat currencies to conduct the desired fiat currency transactions
3️⃣ Flexible exchange of fiat currency: Flexible exchange of 17 fiat currencies to meet the remittance needs of remitters in many countries and regions
4️⃣ Flexible exchange of digital currency: Flexible exchange of compliant digital currency, including ADC, USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH and other international mainstream digital currencies
5️⃣ Flexible exchange between digital currency and legal currency: The top-up and exchange of digital currency and legal currency will achieve seamless clearing and settlement
6️⃣ Financial security: Asia Digital Bank has specially set up a digital vault, which uses the real-time switching between “cold vault” and “hot wallet” of the blockchain to greatly improve the security of customers’ digital assets
7️⃣ The only compliant and lawful digital asset banking institution in the Asia Pacific region: Abide by the compliance requirements of each jurisdiction with different legal tenders, provide customers with the exchange business of ADC and local currency and support cross-border trades. The settlement and exchange market maker of ADC and local currency is connected with the Asia Digital Bank through API, and it is directly carried out by the commercial bank in the local jurisdiction.


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